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Get the Facts on Flushing:
Don’t Legislate Bathroom Hygiene

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Mar. 06
Original Source: The Hill  In December, a federal court put on hold a Washington, D.C., city law regulating moist flushable toilet wipe labels, pending a trial. The legislation had passed the city council in December 2016 and was due to go into effect on New Years Day 2018. To many, both the law and the lawsuit to block its enforcement sounded ...
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Feb. 01
Original Source: Waste 360 Homemakers once relied on discarded textiles such as sheets, towels and cloth diapers for household cleaning. And the fact that cloth rags could be washed and reused repeatedly was considered a bonus. For discreet sanitary needs, humans were more imaginative, but their options seem implausible by today’s standards. Mo...
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Apr. 16
INDA-MEWEA “Don’t Flush Baby Wipes” Pilot Public Education CampaignFinal ReportApril, 2015 INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, and the Maine Water Environment Association (MEWEA; formerly known as the Maine WasteWater Control Association [MWWCA]), jointly committed to conduct a pilot consumer education campaign in Maine. This...
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