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Get the Facts on Flushing:
Don’t Legislate Bathroom Hygiene

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Feb. 13
Ryan Miller  Disposable wipes: Pull one out of the container, wipe down the entire kitchen and bathroom, then flush it down the toilet, right? While the wipes are a convenient and easy-to-use product that serve a variety of helpful purposes, many Americans may be using them incorrectly – and could be hurting the sewers, the planet and our health...
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Jan. 29
Fatberg. You've probably never heard of it, but it can affect your health and the environment. According to the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Sanitation, the accumulation of grease and debris causes 84% of sewer backups in New York City—costing millions of dollars. This can all happen from putting toxic items down the ...
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Oct. 01
Forensic Evaluation of Non-Dispersables New York City Law Department – New York, NYAugust 15, 2016 Fuss & O’Neill   See Here
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