The Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA) believes education and reasonable legislation are the real solutions to decreasing the number of non-flushable items that make up more than 98 percent of sewage clogs.

Flushable Wipes are a helpful product in consumers' hygiene regimen and are okay to flush when used as directed. Flushable Wipes are not responsible for sewage clogs because they are designed to break down and studies show that they do.

The RFA will continue to advocate for proper continued use and accessibility to Flushable Wipes. We believe regulation or legislation that bans Flushable Wipes may inevitably escalate the problem because consumers will look to replace flushable products with other products that are not engineered to be flushed. This will cause further damage to wastewater systems.

By properly labeling flushable and non-flushable wipes and adopting helpful flushing habits we can help solve the problem of sewage clogs.

California Legislation

In California, advocates of Flushable Wipes are leading the way to educate members of the Legislature and key stakeholders about responsible flushing standards, and the important difference between flushable and non-flushable wipes.

Industry trade associations, companies and wastewater-sector advocates have joined Assemblymember Richard Bloom to cosponsor Assembly Bill 1672, which aims to educate consumers about the damage non-flushable wipes cause to California's sewage system.

Read Assembly Bill 1672 (Bloom)