Get the Facts and #FlushSmart

Previously, proper flushing information was not widely communicated to consumers to clarify what can be flushed. This led to the problem of people assuming that all wipes are flushable, which is the root cause of sewer blockages, clogs and “fatbergs” in our community waste systems.  

Find information and data below on flushable wipes standards, studies and other materials, and learn which items can and cannot be flushed down the toilet, and why not all wipes are the same.


Science Mom: Flushability Drop Test


What the Flush!

Courtesy of Portland Water District, Maine Water Environment Association and INDA

Science Mom: Which Wipe Can Be Flushed?




Does it flush? Check the symbol

Courtesy of EDANA

Do flushable wipes clog municipal sewage pumps? Let's find out! 

Courtesy of INDA



From Jacksonville Toilets to Wastewater Treatment

From UK’s Toilets to Wastewater Treatment

NYC Wastewater


What 2 Flush?

What's Really in NYC Pipes?

The Path to Flushability