The Responsible Flushing Alliance is a group of trade associations, companies and wastewater sector advocates interested in addressing the true causes of clogging and debris accumulation problems in the wastewater infrastructure. This group believes that elevating consumer awareness of what should and should not be flushed, combined with responsible labeling of products that could inappropriately be flushed, are both important elements of addressing these problems. Thus, this website is intended to provide factual information and data on the issue to counter the high level of misinformation communicated in the media on this issue.

Responsible Flushing Alliance Coalition Members

Albaad, Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products, Essity, First Quality, Georgia Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, Jacob Holm, Kelheim Fibres, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Nehemiah Manufacturing, Nice-Pak, Procter & Gamble, Rockline Industries, Sellars Nonwovens, and Suominen Corporation.


Contribute to real solutions to problems caused by inappropriately flushed products by working collaboratively with the wipes supply chain and the wastewater scientific, engineering and operating entities to better understand and evaluate the scope, contents and impacts of flushed items on wastewater infrastructure.

Promote comprehensive, science-based Flushability Assessment Tests to qualify wipes suitable for flushing with little risk to wastewater infrastructure.

Help spread knowledge regarding proper disposal practices of all disposable wipe products through prominent on-package display of the “Do Not Flush” symbol, adherence to the Code of Practice for proper wipes labeling, and messaging to the public that “The Toilet is NOT a Trashcan.”